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What is the mission of the Linden Fund organization?

The mission of the Linden Fund is to play a meaningful role in the economic and social revitalization of the community of Linden, with a particular focus on education, health and diversification of the town’s economic base.

How does the Linden Fund USA intend to mobilize the Diaspora and resident community to get involved?

Each international entity of the Linden Fund is structured as a membership-based organization, in order to tap into the large blocks of Lindenites and supporters in the USA and Canada. A Linden Fund office in Linden helps to identify community needs and assists in guiding the funding priorities of the LFU.

How do I become a member of the Linden Fund USA?

Each entity of the Linden Fund is subject to the rules and laws of its respective county of origin, and therefore has its own membership criteria. You can find information on this website on how to become a member of Linden Fund USA.

Can I make a financial contribution to the Linden Fund but designate a particular purpose, e.g. support for a particular institution or project?

Yes. Donors can name specific initiatives when making a contribution.

Does the Linden Fund only accept monetary contributions?

No, the Linden Fund USA welcomes both monetary and non-monetary donations that fit its priorities on education, health and economic revitalization. Such donations can include new or slightly used but still viable items like office equipment, durable medical equipment and machinery.

Apart from individual membership & other contributions and fundraisers, what other plans does the organization have to fund its initiatives?

The Linden Fund USA also pursues grant-making institutions like foundations, international service organizations, government agencies and other philanthropic groups, including corporations and small businesses.

Where do I send my monetary and other contributions to the LFU?

The Linden Fund USA has established multiple ways in which to make contributions and to make contact with the organization.

By mail: P.O. Box 101028, Brooklyn, NY 11210, checks payable to Linden Fund USA
By email:

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