The Linden Fund has offered over $2.2 million in annual scholarships to the University of Guyana.

The Linden Fund has offered over $2.2 million in annual scholarships to the University of Guyana. Under the scholarship program, the recipients were asked to return to Linden during their summer break to tutor primary and secondary school students. A total of seven youths from Linden participated in 4-year programs for baccalaureate degrees and diplomas over the years. The program began in 2002.

Angela N. Abrams

Location: Christianburg Linden
Major: Education
Perspective: The community Linden seems to have resources which are underutilized. Thus there is little Development in this community. However organizations seem to be investing in this mining community and helping combat poverty

Denise A. Hopkinson

Location: Retrieve, Mackenzie Linden
Major: Communication
Perspective: There is definitely room for improvement in every area whether it be social, economically or politically. The one aspect which truly nags at me is the training or lack thereof of the children in society today.

Leah Isaacs

Location: Amelia’s Ward Linden
Major: Law
Perspective: Linden was one of Guyana’s main output facility, both in natural and human resources. Through combined programs of skilled persons from around the community the probability exist the Linden community may be restored to its original jurisdictions.

Gregory R. Hodge

Location: Amelia’s Ward, Linden
Major: Forestry
Perspective: In my opinion Linden is a very beautiful community with a number of natural resources. Poor management has hampered the development of this community.

Sueanne Lyle

Location: Wismar, Linden
Major: Public Management
Perspective: In my opinion if Linden is facilitated with more educational and skilled training centers, many youths and adults would have an opportunity to realize their dreams and revitalize Linden to what it used to be fifteen years ago.

Leuanna Sparman

Location: Wisroc, Wismar, Linden
Major: Biology
Perspective: I think Linden is a very fine community with a lot of hidden talents, which need to be exposed and explored.

Keeron Williams

Location: Christianburg, Linden
Major: Social Works
Perspective: Linden is a wonderful place, ideal to raise a family and to grow a great appreciation for nature and the smaller things in life. However, there is great room for improvement in the economic status of the community. I believe there is a lack of sustainable and well monitored programs/initiatives to address the economic problem.

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