The potential of the Linden Fund as an important partner in the development of the Linden community has been clearly demonstrated over the years. However, in order to provide meaningful and effective support as the town rebuilds, the organization needs to become the catalyst for redevelopment, and this can only be done in partnership with you.

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We believe that it’s critical that you, our members and supporters, be kept informed of the outcomes of the various activities of our organization.


Fundraising Events


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Each year, members of the Linden Fund USA work to put the fun in our annual fundraising events. The proceeds from our annual Spring Dance, Breakfast Social, Tea Party, and Family Fun Day fund our projects and initiatives in Linden. The more funds we raise, the more projects we are able to support.


Hometown Projects

The mission of the Linden Fund is to help play a role in the revitalization of the Linden community, with particular focus on health and education, and to provide funding for projects and initiatives that promote and enhance the development of the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Linden Fund is an umbrella organization that mobilizes the overseas diaspora and resident Linden community in the economic and social redevelopment of the town of Linden, Guyana. Its mission is to help play a meaningful role in the rebirth of a sustainable Linden, with particular focus on education, health and diversification of the town’s economic base.

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How do I become a member of the Linden Fund USA?

Each entity of the Linden Fund is subject to the rules and laws of its respective county of origin, and therefore has its own membership criteria. You can find information on this website on how to become a member of the Linden Fund USA.

Does the Linden Fund USA only accept monetary contributions?

No, the Linden Fund USA welcomes both monetary and non-monetary donations that fit its priorities on education, health and economic revitalization. Such donations can include new or slightly used but still viable items like office equipment, durable medical equipment and machinery.

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