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LFU Guyana Inc. manages a range of annual scholarships from primary to tertiary levels that enhance the lives and futures of youth in Region 10 through meaningful educational support.

Primary Education


  • Dalton Tong Scholarship for Primary-Level Education provides bursaries worth $80,000 GY to Grade Six students as they prepare for the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination (formerly Common Entrance) to gain entrance to secondary schools across Guyana. The scholarship program supports explicitly four students striving to achieve academic success at St. Aidan’s Primary School, which Mr. Tong attended as a young boy growing up in Mackenzie, Guyana.


  • Guymine Technical Training Complex (GTTC) 15th Intake Alumni Scholarship was launched in 2021 and supports three Howell Wilson Primary School students in Ituni, Region 10. Worth $60,000 GY, three students preparing for NGSA receive bursaries to prepare them for the rigorous secondary school entrance examination. The annual scholarship is a partnership with GTTC 15th Intake alumni based in the U.S. Diaspora and Guyana.

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secondary EDUCATION

Scholarship for Success (SfS) Program

Following the passing of the LFU charter member and longtime Board member, the program was renamed the Eustace “Sammy” David Scholarship for Success program as a permanent way to honor Sammy’s legacy with the LFU.  Help support this initiative, which begins in the student’s first year of secondary school. The program targets highly motivated and bright Grade 7 students who gained a place at secondary schools in Region 10. Students are nominated by a head teacher along with personnel from the School Welfare Unit at the Ministry of Education. Each selected student is eligible to remain in the program for the average five years of secondary school, with a sixth year possible.

​Scholarship awardees are selected based on examinations during year five of the program. Students will receive such assistance on a per-subject basis. Additionally, program graduates may receive support to attend university in Phase 4 of the transformative SfS program. Such service will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Elizabeth Wallerson-Bancroft Memorial Fund was launched in 2023 and supports two SfS scholars whose NGSA (formerly Common Entrance) scores place them as incoming 7th graders (Form 1) at Linden Foundation Secondary and Wismar Christianburg Secondary (Multilateral) schools specifically. The Fund honors the commitment to the education of the late Elizabeth Wallerson-Bancroft by supporting the education of secondary school youths in Region 10.

Student Enrichment

  • Summer Enrichment: A wide range of experiences that enhance in-class learning are integral to the SfS program. These are designed to nurture and support all 35 students who comprise the full complement of scholars in the ongoing program.

  • Holiday Enrichment: A social event that includes full refreshments and interactive activities for the full complement of scholars in the program and builds upon the summer engagement designed to bring the seven secondary cohorts together.

Secondary Education


  • Dalton Tong Scholarship for Vocational/Technical Education was launched in 2021 in partnership with US-based Guyanese Mr. Dalton Tong, a retired business executive and former resident of Linden. Annual bursaries totaling $60,000 GY cover enrollment costs and end-of-year examination fees for five students entering final year studies at Linden Technical Institute (formerly Guybau/Guymine Trade School).

Vocational/Technical Education


  • Rufus N. McCammon Memorial Scholarship was launched in 2023 to support Region 10 students who aspire to university. The inaugural scholarship, worth $400,000 GY, is a partnership with the McCammon family to offer tertiary-level education opportunities to youths in Linden and Region 10. This scholarship is open to applicants studying from any faculty at the University of Guyana and the Guyana School of Agriculture.

  • Terry Bovell Scholarship Fund, valued at $500,000 GY, launched Phase 4 of the Scholarship for Success (SfS) program in 2023. The fund supports graduates of the SfS program in their aspiration to attend university and is awarded on a case-by-case basis.

University Education
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