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The vision of Linden Fund USA/LFU Guyana Inc. is to play a leadership role in the revitalization of Region 10, including Linden and its surrounding communities. It facilitates and executes projects and initiatives that promote fundamental and sustainable development, especially in the areas of education, public health, and economic development.

OUR Mission

The mission of the Linden Fund USA is to be the premier charitable organization that sets the benchmark for diaspora associations and that provides high-quality resources targeted to a wide range of redevelopment initiatives for communities in Guyana.

About us

Linden Fund USA was established in 1999 with an appointed Board of Directors led by Founding Chair Sam Wright. The organization pivoted to an elected Board two years after its founding and has since been led by Dr. Vincent Adams (2001-2013), Reverend Dr. Michael Clarke (2013-2014), Keith Semple (2014-2015), and Paula Walcott-Quintin (2015 -present). LFU has expanded into a complex organization, managed by volunteer members and supporters aligned with State Chapters in US locales where significant numbers of Lindeners and Guyanese reside.

As a U.S. diaspora charitable organization, Linden Fund USA has worked steadily since 1999 towards fulfilling its mission of leading in revitalizing the Linden community, Region 10, Guyana. In 2018, the organization also became an officially registered local charity, LFU Guyana Incorporated, strategically forming alliances with local community partners with a shared vision to Grow its Roots at Home.

OUR Vision

Our Vision
Our Mission
About Us
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