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The state chapters of the Linden Fund USA help plan and execute programs on the state level and assist in recruiting members to the organization. The executives of each state chapter consist of a chair, vice chair, and secretary.

The Chair of each State Chapter automatically becomes a member of the LFU Board of Directors, which ensures an efficient, two-way flow of communication between the State Chapters and the Board.

New York Chapter

Formed: 1999

Executive Committee:

Vice Chair – Francine Brotherson

Secretary – Gail Christopher-Henry

Treasurer – Terry Gravesande

New Jersey Chapter

Formed: 2000


Executive Committee:

Chair – Shona Wright-Halley

Vice Chair – Richard Seetram

Secretary – Charmaine Critchlow

LFU Guyana Incorporated

LFU Guyana Inc.
LFU Office Building with storage bond 2.png

In January 2018, LFU officially registered its Guyana-based operations as LFU Guyana Inc. to help deliver its programs with greater efficacy and impact. It also achieved a major milestone achieved with the acquisition of a building to serve as a community resource, thanks to a deed of gift from Habitat for Humanity Guyana. Our local team is headed by an Office Manager who oversees the day-to-day operations and is charged with actively growing partnerships with Region 10 entities and strengthening alliances to promote projects that align with LFU’s focus areas.

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